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Who's behind adultfrindfinderfinder?

Andrew Conru, a former Stanford mechanical engineering doctoral student. created FriendFinder.com as a means for people to find buddies for poker or fishing or golf. He wanted to provide people with limited social skills or small social circles the opportunity to get out more and mix with like-minded people.

However, many of his members had different ideas. Conru soon found that users would upload nude pictures of themselves, keen to find partners for activities far removed from that of golf or fishing. As fast as Conru deleted the offensive images, more would appear.

As a direct result, adultfrindfinderfinder login was born. Within six months the adult site boasted a membership just as impressive as the original. Nowadays it is by far the most popular among the 20+ different sites Conru owns and is among the top 100 most popular websites in the world. In 2006 adultfrindfinderfinder enjoyed 35 million visitors and 75,000 new registrations per day.

Much of this success can be attributed to the site's extremely successful affiliate scheme. Anyone who can direct traffic to the site can get a cut of the business they send. Various Inc, Conru’s parent company has over 500,000 of these affiliates who have helped grow the company from a one-man-band to a 450 strong blue chip with a turnover of at least $200 million.

The average adultfrindfinderfinder login member pays $20 per month, whilst others cough up as much as $50. Most are attracted by the niche membership of like-minded individuals as opposed to the mass market appeal of the many on-line dating sites.

A very high number of adultfrindfinderfinder members are males, most hunting for the very small percentage of women. Couples make up around 10 percent of all accounts and apparently are amongst the most active.

Conru has proven that people are prepared to pay more to gain access to a niche audience. "The more niche you get, the more value per member," Conru boasts.

In 2008 adultfrindfinderfinder was sold to Penthouse Inc for a reported $500 million.

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